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Resultater Mixed stafett Falun 2023

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Resultater 4x5 km mixed stafett Falun søndag 19. mars 2023.

Publisert 19. mars 2023 i Langrenn

Resultater verdenscup Falun – alle renn

4×5 km Mixed stafett Falun

Søndag 19. mars
Start kl 11.15
TV: Direkte på TV3/Viaplay

Norges lag

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Martin Løwstrom Nyenget
Heidi Weng
Simen Hegstad Krüger
Anne Kjersti Kalvå

2. lag

Erik Valnes
Ingvild Flugstad Østberg
Harald Østberg Amundsen
Ragnhild Haga Gløersen

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Historikk og statistikk

 This is the third 4x5km mixed relay World Cup event. Norway is the only
country to finish on the podium in both previous events.
 Norway finished first and second in the only mixed relay World Cup event
this season in Beitostølen on 11 December.
 Heidi Weng is the only skier on two podium finishes in the 4x5km mixed
relay: third in Falun in 2022 and second in Beitostølen this season.
 Sweden is the only other country to finish on the same World Cup team
event podium twice this season (first and second at women’s team sprint in
Livigno on 22 January).
 At the under 23 world championships, the 4x5km mixed relay has been
held four times. Norway won three of four: in 2020, 2021 and 2022. France
won the 2023 edition.
Other contenders
 United States won the inaugural 4x5km mixed relay in Falun in March
2022 with a team consisting of Rosie Brennan, Zak Ketterson, Scott
Patterson and Jessica Diggins.
 Finland finished second in the 4x5km mixed relay event in Falun last year.
The best result for a Finnish mixed team in Beitostølen this season was a
fourth place. Perttu Hyvärinen and Kerttu Niskanen were part of both these
 Sweden’s best results in the mixed relay were the third place in Beitostølen
and fourth in Falun last season.
 France won the 4x5km mixed relay event at the under 23 world
championships this season. The French finished fifth in the mixed relay
event in Beitostølen on 11 December.

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