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Kullamannen 2023 resultater

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Program, startlister, livestream og resultater fra Ultra Trail-løpet Kullamannen som arrangeres i området rundt Båstad i Sverige 3.-4. november 2022.

Publisert 4. november 2023 i Løp/friidrett

Kullamannen 2023

Et løp i UTMB World Series


3. – 4. november


Båstad – Sverige

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Startlister og resultater

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Menn, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Jakob Åberg (SWE) 14:59:04
2 Alexandre Boucheix (FRA) 15:34:42
3 William Englund (SWE) 16:01:02
4 Juuso Simpanen (FIN) 16:28:14
5 Marijn Sinkeldam (NED) 16:59:33
6 Viktor Stenqvist (SWE) 17:00:54
7 Felix Bufkens (BEL) 17:24:49
8 Alfons Enell (SWE) 18:17:34
9 Dominik K. Erne (SUI) 18:22:38
10 Oscar Isaksson (SWE) 18:26:23


Rank Name Time
1 Johanna Antila (FIN) 17:39:28
2 Emelie Eklöf (SWE) 18:58:03
3 Johanna Bygdell (SWE) 19:13:12
4 Hanna Aho (SWE) 19:22:15
5 Anne-Sofie Pollestad (NOR) 19:23:17
6 Jenny Josefsson (SWE) 19:45:19
7 Anna Ståhlkloo (SWE) 20:25:27
8 Linda Wiese (SWE) 20:26:34
9 Claire Heslop (CAN) 20:33:55
10 Maria Saxvall (SWE) 20:34:31

Menn, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Oscar Claesson (SWE) 7:42:18
2 Simen Østensen (NOR) 7:43:54
3 Didrik Hermansen (NOR) 8:18:31
4 Simon Bloss (SWE) 8:52:54
5 Cillian Fleming (IRL) 8:55:59
6 Santos Gabriel Rueda (ARG) 9:05:36
7 Sebastian Agerhäll (SWE) 9:19:43
8 Volker Sauerzap (AUT) 9:38:22
9 Simon Fröh (SWE) 10:10:02
10 Rasmus Andersson (SWE) 10:13:37

Kvinner, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Sylvia Nordskar (NOR) 9:21:13
2 Malin Barrulf (SWE) 9:45:49
3 Julia Davis (USA) 10:14:12
4 Aleksandra Narkowicz (NOR) 11:11:18
5 Simone Haastrup (DEN) 11:33:01
6 Lina Broström (SWE) 11:33:09
7 Sonia Tomegros Regalado (DEN) 12:08:10
8 Yohanna Andersson (SWE) 12:31:21
9 Tanja Volm (SUI) 12:39:27
10 Caroline Bylin (SWE) 12:50:39

Menn, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Stian Dahl Sommerseth (NOR) 3:51:39
2 Andreu Simon Aymerich (ESP) 3:52:56
3 James Tilley (USA) 3:53:10
4 Jonas Hesthaug (NOR) 3:53:35
5 Manuell Innerhofer (AUT) 3:56:31
6 Änung Viken (NOR) 3:57:10
7 Sindre Buraas (NOR) 3:59:36
8 Denis Trillet (BEL) 4:00:38
9 Joacim Lantz (SWE) 4:02:39
10 Andreas Lundegård (SWE) 4:02:54

Kvinner, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Yngvild Kaspersen (NOR) 3:59:40
2 Judith Wyder (SUI) 4:09:47
3 Ida Amelie Robsahm (NOR) 4:22:14
4 Karina Maier (GER) 4:37:16
5 Gemma Hillier-Moses (USA) 4:41:37
6 Agnes Josefsson (SWE) 4:46:15
7 Shangave Balendran (NOR) 4:50:15
8 Isobel Oakes (IRL) 4:52:30
9 Claudia Chmielowska (FRA) 4:59:01
10 Jannicke Klepp Fundingsrud (NOR) 5:18:39

Menn, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Sebastian Ljungdahl (SWE) 1:29:35
2 Albin Gezelius (SWE) 1:33:05
3 Linus Wedin (SWE) 1:37:00
4 Petter Restorp (SWE) 1:39:41
5 David Sundström (SWE) 1:42:22
6 Mathias Flade (GER) 1:44:27
7 Mathias Fugger (AUT) 1:50:33
8 Peter Blaski (GER) 1:52:31
9 Robin Söderholm (SWE) 1:53:46
10 Paul Caillau (FRA) 1:53:47

Kvinner, topp 10

Rank Name Time
1 Amanda Nilsson (SWE) 1:40:34
2 Tilde Jensen (SWE) 1:53:43
3 Pia Michelle Elgaard Folsing (DEN) 2:01:35
4 Hedda Hedenskog (SWE) 2:06:48
5 Sara Thoursie (SWE) 2:11:47
6 Emmy Palm (SWE) 2:12:17
7 Malin Walther (SWE) 2:19:28
8 Rikke Ulslev Degn (DEN) 2:21:09
9 Fay Stensson (SWE) 2:22:46
10 Kari Nielsen (SWE) 2:23:51

Om løpet

Set along the rocky shores of the Sweden’s Kullaberg, Kullamannen by UTMB®invites you on a journey through the wild, fierce and beautiful peninsulas Bjäre and Kullaberg on the southern Swedish coast to discover the legend of the Kullamannen. Courses ranging from 22 KM to 100 Miles through rocky mountains, beechwood forests, and coastal paths deliver an exhilarating test for adventure-seekers from around the world.



Kullamannen 100 miles (161 km)

Sprint Ultra 100 km

Sibirian Ultra 50 km

Dödens Zon 20 km


Historien om Kullamannen

The legend about the lord of the mountain has been told from generation to generation. When the nights become darker and the strong winds from the sea howl outside, people have gathered in front of the fireplace to listen to the stories of the Kullamannen. No one knows where and when the stories originated, but one source is the battle at Svolder by Öresund in September in the year of 999. The Norwegian King Olav Tryggvasson was en route to Norway with 11 of his ships when he was blindsided by Olof Skötkonungs fleet consisting of over 70 ships that had been hiding out by the island of Ven.

Even though King Olav was highly outnumbered the battle raged for a long time and the outcome was uncertain all the way to the bitter end. King Olav, the last survivor aboard the legendary longship ” Ormen Långe”, decides to throw himself in the water, not giving his opponent the pleasure of killing him. Some say King Olav died there and then in the waves of Öresund. Others, one being the famous poet and politician Snorre Sturlasson, tell us that he actually survived the mighty seas of Öresund and climbed up from the water onto the rocky shores of Kullaberg.

In 1220 the historian Saxo Grammaticus writes about a predictor and astrologer with unnatural powers. He tells us that Kullamannen had the power to steer ships down to destruction by the defiant passage by Kullaberg where the two major seas Östersjön and Kattegatt meet. Kullamannen also decides upon who should fall from the steep rocks and who should be spared.

Another version tells us that Kullamannen was a knight with, a broken heart, who fled to one of the world’s most secluded places, Kullahornet (Kullaberg). He had a castle built far out on the peninsula in order to always be reminded about his loved one. He the place protected with swords and no one ever dared to visit.

No one seems to know the answer to who Kullamannen was, but as in many other areas with beautiful mountains and nature, strong powers are always present, and in this case, it is called Kullamannen. He is the immortal knight who has always taken the side of the weak towards their oppressors. On one side there are many stories about help mysteriously emerging when the need has been at its greatest. On the other side, behave wrongfully at the mountain and Kullamannen will strike down on you with great vengeance and furious anger. Kullamannen is rough but righteous.

Today many runners sometimes feel that the hill climbs somehow feel longer with every step. Stones suddenly appear from nowhere making them fall and hurt themselves. Others simply and suddenly lose all their power and stamina. Sometimes, a mysterious power pulls them towards the sea and the steep cliffs. For the older generations in the village of Mölle this is not very strange. Many more remarkable things have occurred on this mountain.

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