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Resultater 20 km fellesstart fri kvinner verdenscup Goms 2024

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Resultater og startlister for 20 km fellesstart fri kvinner verdenscup Goms søndag 28. januar 2024.

Publisert 28. januar 2024 i Resultater

Program og resultater for alle rennene under verdenscup langrenn Goms

20 km fellesstart fri kvinner verdenscup Goms 2024

Dato: 28. januar
Start: Kl 09.30
På TV: TV3



Historikk og statistikk

Harald Østberg Amundsen
 Amundsen is the leader in the World Cup distance standings this season
after 12 of the 20 events that count towards this classification.
 Amundsen has recorded the most wins (3) and most podiums (6) in men’s
World Cup distance events this season.
 Norwegian men won 29 of the last 31 individual World Cup distance
events. The exceptions were Perttu Hyvärinen’s win in Toblach on 31
December (10km classic style) and Jules Lapierre’s win in Val di Fiemme
on 7 January (10km freestyle).
Other contenders
 A total of eight different skiers have won at least one men’s World Cup
distance event this season. This is the most since 2019/20 (9 different
 This will be the third men’s World Cup 20km freestyle mass start. The first
two were won by Simen Hegstad Krüger (in Davos on 18 December 2022
and Jan Thomas Jenssen (in Ruka on 26 November 2023).
 The last non-Norwegian cross-country skier to win a men’s individual World
Cup distance event over a distance of 20km or more was Alexander
Bolshunov in Oslo on 8 March 2020 (50km classic style).
 Jules Lapierre won the most recent World Cup freestyle distance event, in
Val di Fiemme on 7 January. This win ended Norway’s hegemony of 17
successive World Cup wins in freestyle distance events.
 Johannes Høsflot Klæbo is joint-sixth alongside Martin Johnsrud Sundby
(both 22) in the all-time men’s list in terms of World Cup distance events
wins. Petter Northug (23) is in fifth place. Bjørn Dæhlie (45), Vladimir
Smirnov (30), Gunde Svan (30) and Alexander Bolshunov (24) make up the
top four.
 Klæbo has won four individual World Cup distance events in the freestyle,
in contrast to 16 in the classic style.
 Pål Golberg has won only one individual World Cup event over a distance
of 20km or longer: the 20km classic style in Lillehammer on 4 December
 Golberg won two freestyle distance events: the 10km freestyle in Toblach
on 4 February 2023 and in Gällivare on 2 December 2023.
 Friedrich Moch could become the first male skier representing Germany to
win an individual World Cup distance event since Janosch Brugger’s
triumph in the 15km pursuit classic style in Lillehammer on 2 December
2018 (stage in the 3-Days Tour).
 William Poromaa (1 second place and 4 third places) is still chasing his
first career individual World Cup triumph. Sweden has not won a men’s
World Cup distance event since Marcus Hellner’s victory in the 15km
pursuit freestyle in Quebec on 19 March 2017 (World Cup Final).

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