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Resultater 20 km klassisk menn verdenscup langrenn Lahti 2024

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Startlister og resultater for 20 km klassisk menn verdenscup langrenn Lahti som arrangeres 2. mars 2024.

Publisert 2. mars 2024 i Resultater

Program og resultater alle renn fra WC Lahti

20 km klassisk menn verdenscup langrenn Lahti 2024

Dato: 2. mars
Start kl 12.00
På TV: TV3



Historikk og statistikk

 Since March 2022, Norway won 16 of the last 17 individual distance classic
style events in the men’s World Cup, with Perttu Hyvärinen’s triumph in the
10km in Toblach (Tour de Ski) on New Year’s Eve as the exception.
 Johannes Høsflot Klæbo has won 16 individual distance World Cup
events in the classic style, fourth-most all-time behind Bjørn Dæhlie (22),
Vladimir Smirnov (18) and Gunde Svan (18).
 Klæbo won all seven classic style distance events he participated in last
season’s World Cup, including the 20km classic freestyle in Lahti, but has
won only one this season (14th-1st-17th-2nd): the 10km in Trondheim on
17 December.
 Klæbo won both individual World Cup events in Lahti last season (sprint
classic style and 20km classic style). The only man to claim three
successive individual World Cup victories in Lahti was Vladimir Smirnov (3)
in 1994-1995.
 Harald Østberg Amundsen comes into Lahti as the leader in the overall
standings and the distance standings. His only individual World Cup win in
the classic style was the 20km pursuit in Davos (Tour de Ski) on 4 January.
 Pål Golberg recorded five of his seven individual World Cup distance
event wins in the classic style. Golberg triumphed in the most recent men’s
classic style distance event in the World Cup: the 20km mass start in
Canmore on 11 February.
 Golberg recorded his first of 39 career individual World Cup podium
finishes in Lahti, a third place in the sprint classic style on 13 March 2011.
 Erik Valnes’ only two individual career World Cup wins in distance events
were achieved this season: the 15km classic style in Val di Fiemme (Tour
de Ski) on 6 January and the 20km classic style in Oberhof on 20 January.
Other contenders
 No man has won as many individual classic style distance events in the
World Cup on Finnish snow as Iivo Niskanen (6). His most recent
individual World Cup win came in Lahti, the 15km classic style on 27
February 2022.
 The four non-Norwegian men to have claimed an individual World Cup
victory this season are Lucas Chanavat (two freestyle sprints), Perttu
Hyvärinen(10km classic style), Jules Lapierre (10km freestyle) and Gus
Schumacher (10km freestyle).
 Hyvärinen, Lapierre and Schumacher had not claimed an individual World
Cup victory before this season.
 Gus Schumacher won the 10km freestyle in Minneapolis on 18 February
to record the first individual World Cup victory by a man representing USA
in over 10 years. Before Schumacher, Simeon Hamilton’s triumph in the
freestyle sprint in Lenzerheide (Tour de Ski) on 31 December 2013 was the
last one.
 Bill Koch (5) is the only man representing USA to have celebrated multiple
individual World Cup wins, including back-to-back victories in January
1982: the 15km classic style in Le Brassus (16 January) and 30km classic
style in Brusson (24 January).
 Andrew Musgrave is looking to become the first British cross-country skier
to win a World Cup event. He has recorded one WC podium finish in a
distance event in the classic style, a third place in the 10km in Beitostølen
on 10 December 2022.

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