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Resultater Berghem Ultra Trail 2023

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Startlister og resultater Berghem Ultra Trail som arrangeres lørdag 10. juni 2023.

Publisert 10. juni 2023 i Resultater

Berghem Ultra Trail 2023


10. juni


Persbu, Hedmarksvidda – Innlandet


100 km (Mini trail) – 130 km (Bergheim Ultra) – 100 miles (Norges Værste)



Om Berghem Ultra Trail

Ultra trailrunning expedition races at the Hedmark plateau (Hedmarksvidda) in Norway.
The route takes place in 3 different municipalities (Hamar, Løten, Ringsaker) with the start/finish line at the Persbu cabin.
We have 3 differents races =
1_Bèrghem Ultra 130K
2_Norges Værste
3_Bèrghem Mini Trail
There will be a joint start at 10:00 a.m.. and joint cut-off times.
_14 hours cut-off at CP BUDOR
_36 hours cut-off at the finishline (Persbu)
Bèrghem Ultra expedition races means:
• 100% Real Terrain (Muddy ,Rocky,Swampy)
• Unmarked trail
• Orienteering running by our GPS track
• 100 % self support = personal support is not allowed!
• No Drop bag service along the trail
• 1 Aid Station at CP BUDOR (km 57/69)
• Pacers or pets are not allowed
• All the water refill information at the «BUT Race-Track info pdf»
• A warm meal will be served at the finish line by Bè
• Shower facilities at Persbu cabin
• Free accommodation after the race, for 130K & 100 miles only! (16 available beds inside or tent camping inside the cabin fence)

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