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Program og resultater Diamond League Xiamen 2024

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Startlister, program og resultater for Diamond League Xiamen som arrangeres 20. april 2024.

Publisert 20. april 2024 i Løp/friidrett

Diamond League Xiamen 2024


20. april


Xiamen – Kina


NRK sender direkte fra kl 13.00. Lenke til sendingen i NRK TV.

Friidrett på TV

Ingen norske deltakere deltar i stevnet


* Norsk tid, Norge ligger 6 timer bak Kina.

Resultater – øvelse for øvelse Diamond League Xiamen

Stav menn

5000 meter menn

800 meter menn

100 meter menn

Høyde menn

Kule kvinner

400 meter kvinner

100 meter hekk

Diskos kvinner

Tresteg menn

200 meter kvinner

3000 meter hinder

110 meter hekk menn

1500 meter kvinner

Terminliste og resultater Diamond League 2024



Om Diamond League

The Diamond League is an annual series of elite track and field athletic competitions comprising fourteen of the best invitational athletics meetings. The series sits in the top tier of the World Athletics (formerly known as the IAAF) one-day meeting competitions.

The inaugural season was in 2010. It was designed to replace the IAAF Golden League, which had been held annually since 1998. The full sponsorship name is the Wanda Diamond League, the result of an agreement with Wanda Group that was announced in December 2019.

While the Golden League was formed to increase the profile of the leading European athletics competitions, the Diamond League’s aim is to «enhance the worldwide appeal of athletics by going outside Europe for the first time.» In addition to the original Golden League members (except Berlin) and other traditional European competitions, the series now includes events in China, QatarMorocco, and the United States.

Beginning in March 2022, after the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Diamond League excluded Russian and Belarusian athletes from all of its track and field meetings.

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