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Etappe 12 Giro d’Italia 2023 | Bra – Rivoli

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Resultater, tidskjema og kart for etappe 12 Giro d'Italia fra Bra til Rivoli torsdag 18. mai 2023.

Publisert 18. mai 2023 i Resultater

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Etappe 12 Giro d’Italia 2023


18. mai


Colle Braida:








Om etappen

The stage route puts together a hilly section of 50 km, a flat drag from Alba to the first pass through Rivoli (75 km), and a final circuit (54 km) featuring the Colle Braida climb. The first section is wavy and winding, with endless bends and undulations. Past Alba, the roads are moderately wide and mostly straight. The urban areas along the closing circuit are dotted with roundabouts and traffic islands. The Colle Braida climb, past Avigliana, is 9.8 km long, with gradients above 7% and topping out at 12%. Along the descent and in the approach to the finish, the route is more intricate as it runs through urban areas.

Final kilometres
The last 3 km are inside the urban area of Rivoli. The roadway narrows between the ‑2km marker and the red triangle; the route then descends and bends, merging onto Corso Einaudi with 750 m to go. After a sharp left‑hander, the route rises at 8% gradients for 200 m. The home straight (400 m) is on tarmac road (9 m wide) and on a slight incline.

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