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Etappe 2 Giro d’Italia 2023 | Teramo – San Salvo

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Resultater, tidskjema og kart for Etappe 2 Giro d'Italia fra Teramo - San Salvo søndag 7. mai 2023.

Publisert 7. mai 2023 i Resultater

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Etappe 2 Giro d’Italia 2023


7. mai


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The route
The stage alternates between flat drags along the coast and hilly stretches in the hinterland. The route takes in a few mild ascents (Bellante, Controguerra and Colonnella) and then follows the Statale Adriatica all the way to Silvi Paese, with KOM points up for grabs at the summit of a 4 km climb.

The route passes Pescara (along the coast) and takes in climbs to Chieti and then Ripa Teatina (KOM). After reaching the seafront again, the stage continues along the coast all the way to the finish in San Salvo. The seaside roads are wide and with a few bends, while the inland roads are narrower, wavy and curving.

Final kilometres
The final kilometres are essentially straight and perfectly flat, with roundabouts, traffic dividers and pedestrian islands being the common impediments. A roundabout 1,400 m before the finish, to be taken following the flow of traffic, leads into the last bend, 1 km from the line. The home straight (1,000 m) is on 8 m wide tarmac.



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