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Etappe 3 Giro d’Italia 2023 | Vasto – Melfi

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Resultater, tidskjema og kart for etappe 3 Giro d'Italia fra Vasto til Melfi mandag 8. mai 2023.

Publisert 8. mai 2023 i Resultater

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Etappe 3 Giro d’Italia 2023


8. mai


Siste km







Om etappen

The route
This stage is divided into two distinct parts. It begins flat for 170 km, on wide and mostly fast‑flow roads, with a few mild bends. The route then changes as it reaches the Monti del Vulture. The road that leads through the Valico dei Laghi di Monticchio to the lakes is intricate, rising with 6‑7% gradients.

After a short descent, the route climbs up the Valico la Croce, reaches Rionero in Vulture and then continues, winding its way mostly downhill, on relatively wide roads, all the way to Melfi.

Final kilometres
After a short climb to the centre of Melfi, the route descends towards the station (with roundabouts, traffic dividers etc. being the common impediments) and then goes up again, heading for the finish. There is a short descent in the last kilometre, just before a wide bend that leads into the 350 m long, uphill (ca. 5%) home straight, on 8 m wide tarmac.



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