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Etappe 9 Giro d’Italia 2024 | Avezzano – Napoli

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Resultater, tidskjema og kart for etappe 9 Giro d'Italia fra Avezzano til Napoli søndag 12. mai 2024.

Publisert 12. mai 2024 i Resultater

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Etappe 9 Giro d’Italia 2024


12. mai



Siste km







Om etappen

Stage clearly divided into two parts. The first 180 km are the run-up to a demanding finale with short and punchy climbs. The first part is predominantly flat and takes place mainly on mostly straight roads interspersed with numerous tunnels. The riders then race parallel to the Tyrrhenian coast before heading to the Monte di Procida area and tackling the last kilometres. The roads are in good condition, but with narrow carriageways and continuous changes of direction and gradient. To be noted, after Torregaveta, the sudden 14% wall that leads to Lake Lucrino. Here, the riders will turn for Pozzuoli and Posillipo. Neaples city centre will be reached after the long descent along Via Posillipo.
Last kilometres
The last 3 km are perfectly flat along Via Dohrn and Via Caracciolo heading east to turn around a roundabout at the last km and retrace Via Caracciolo to the finish. The final straight is 900 m long and 9 m wide on asphalt.


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