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Resultater GP Miguel Indurain 2024

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Startliste, rittprofil og resultater fra GP Miguel Indurain onsdag 29. mars 2023.

Publisert 30. mars 2024 i Resultater

GP Miguel Indurain 2024

Endagsritt (1.Pro)

33. utgave


30. mars



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Om GP Miguel Indurain

The race was inaugurated in 1951, but was limited to local competition. It was rebranded after the Spanish cyclist in 1998. In 2005, the race was upgraded to a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. For 2007 and 2008 the race was further upgraded to a 1.HC event. The race will become part of the new UCI ProSeries in 2020. These higher grades have attracted an increasingly competitive and international field of racers.

The race often loops through the city of Estella-Lizarra, in the Spanish region of Navarre. The modern race always includes several challenging climbs and thus tends to favor a fast all-rounder, rather than a climber or a pure sprinter.

Hortensio Vidaurreta, Miguel María LasaJuan FernándezÁngel Vicioso, and Alejandro Valverde share the record for most wins with three each.

Tidligere vinnere

Resultater 2023:

Year Country Rider Team
2022  France Warren Barguil Arkéa–Samsic
2021  Spain Alejandro Valverde Movistar Team
2020 No race due to COVID-19 pandemic[1]
2019  France Jonathan Hivert Direct Énergie
2018  Spain Alejandro Valverde Movistar Team
2017  Great Britain Simon Yates Orica–Scott
2016  Spain Jon Izagirre Movistar Team
2015  Spain Ángel Vicioso Team Katusha
2014  Spain Alejandro Valverde Movistar Team
2013  Slovenia Simon Špilak Team Katusha
2012  Spain Daniel Moreno Team Katusha
2011  Spain Samuel Sánchez Euskaltel–Euskadi
2010  Spain Joaquim Rodríguez Team Katusha
2009  Spain David de la Fuente Fuji–Servetto
2008  Germany Fabian Wegmann Gerolsteiner
2007  Italy Rinaldo Nocentini AG2R Prévoyance
2006  Germany Fabian Wegmann Gerolsteiner
2005  Spain Javier Pascual Rodríguez Comunidad Valenciana-Elche
2004  Germany Matthias Kessler T-Mobile Team
2003  Germany Matthias Kessler Telekom
2002  Spain Ángel Vicioso Kelme–Costa Blanca
2001  Spain Ángel Vicioso Kelme–Costa Blanca
2000  Spain Miguel Ángel Martín Perdiguero Vitalicio Seguros–Grupo Generali
1999  Italy Stefano Garzelli Mercatone Uno–Bianchi
1998  Spain Francisco Mancebo Banesto
1997  Spain Mikel Zarrabeitia ONCE
1996  Switzerland Alex Zülle ONCE
1995  Spain Félix García Casas Artiach
1994  Spain Marino Alonso Banesto
1993  Denmark Johnny Weltz ONCE
1992  Spain Julián Gorospe Banesto
1991  France Roland Leclerc Amaya Seguros
1990  Spain Pedro Delgado Banesto
1989  Spain Mariano Sánchez Martinez Teka
1988  Spain Pedro Delgado Reynolds
1987  Spain Miguel Induráin Reynolds-Seur
1986 No race
1985  Spain Celestino Prieto Reynolds
1984 No race
1983  Spain Juan Fernández Zor–Gemeaz
1982  Spain Pedro Muñoz Zor–Helios
1981  Spain Eulalio García Teka
1980  Spain Juan Fernández Fosforera–Vereco
1979  Spain Juan Fernández KAS–Campagnolo
1978  Spain Miguel María Lasa Teka
1977  Spain Vicente López Carril KAS–Campagnolo
1976  Spain José Nazábal KAS–Campagnolo
1975  Spain Agustín Tamames Super Ser
1974  Spain Miguel María Lasa KAS–Kaskol
1973  Spain Domingo Perurena KAS–Kaskol
1972  Spain Vicente López Carril KAS–Kaskol
1971  Spain Miguel María Lasa Orbéa–O.A.R.
1970  Spain Antonio Gómez del Moral KAS–Kaskol
1969  Spain Gregorio San Miguel KAS–Kaskol
1968  Spain José López Rodríguez Fagor–Fargas
1967  Spain Antonio Gómez del Moral KAS–Kaskol
1966  Spain Carlos Echeverría KAS–Kaskol
1965  Spain Eusebio Vélez KAS–Kaskol
1964  Spain Francisco Gabica KAS–Kaskol
1963  Spain José Pérez Francés Ferrys
1962  Spain Juan Belmonte Ferrys
1961  Spain José Pérez Francés Ferrys
1960 No race
1959  Spain Miguel Pacheco Faema–Guerra
1958 No race
1957  Spain Miguel Chacón Faema–Guerra
1956  Spain Antonio Ferraz Minaco
1955  Spain Jesús Galdeano Gamma
1954  Spain Miguel Vidaurreta individual
1953  Spain Hortensio Vidaurreta individual
1952  Spain Hortensio Vidaurreta individual
1951  Spain Hortensio Vidaurreta individual

GP Miguel Indurain GP Miguel Indurain GP Miguel Indurain

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