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Resultater Nøsen Hundreds Ultramarathon 2023

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Startlister og resultater Nøsen Hundreds Ultramarathon som arrangeres lørdag 17. juni 2023.

Publisert 17. juni 2023 i Resultater

Nøsen Hundreds Ultramarathon 2023


17. juni


Nøsen – Innlandet


21,1 km | 50 km | 100 km



100 km

50 km menn, topp 10

50 km kvinner, topp 10

20 km menn, topp 10

20 km kvinner, topp 10

Om Nøsen Hundreds Ultramarathon

Start 100 km: kl 06.00
Start 50 km: kl 10.00
Start 20 km: kl 12.00


103 km


3480 meters


72 km trail

31 km gravel roads

The Nøsen Hundreds 100 km route takes you through beautiful and varied terrain with rolling hills, mountains and gravel roads. The focus has been to create a route that both gives fun and challenging trail running with some good gravel flow segments to where the kilometres will fly by accompanied with great views! Get support from two CPs where you will get access to you drop bags you handed in at the registration the day in advance.

The route will not be marked physically, apart from the permanent markings along the paths. Each athlete must navigate such that the route is followed. As navigation aids, each athlete must bring a handhold GPS-unit (a watch-type is allowed) and a physical compass.

The race covers a great distance and participants must be familiar with navigating using GPS. The route will not be markedAll participants must have imported the official GPX file before starting the race.

Race manual



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