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Resultater Boucles de l’Aulne 2023

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Startliste, rittprofil og resultater fra Boucles de l'Aulne søndag 13. mai 2023.

Publisert 14. mai 2023 i Resultater

Boucles de l’Aulne 2023

Endagsritt (1.1), 23. utgave


14. mai


Chateaulin – Frankrike





Om Boucles de l’Aulne

Boucles de l’Aulne is a single-day road bicycle race held annually in May or June around Châteaulin, in the region of BrittanyFrance. Since 2006, the race is organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour.

It was previously known as Grand Prix Le Télégramme de Brest and Circuit de l’Aulne. In 2011, it became part of the French Road Cycling Cup.

Tidligere vinnere

Year Country Rider Team
1931  France Ferdinand Le Drogo Dilecta–Wolber
1932  France Ferdinand Le Drogo Dilecta–Wolber
1933  France Pierre-Marie Cloarec (victory shared with François Favé) Roold–Wolber
1933  France François Favé (victory shared with Pierre-Marie Cloarec) Roold–Wolber
1934  France Jean-Marie Goasmat Roold–Wolber
1935  France Pierre-Marie Cloarec Roold–Wolber
1936  France Pierre-Marie Cloarec Roold–Wolber
1937  France Pierre Cogan Mercier–Hutchinson
1938  France Pierre Cogan Mercier–Hutchinson
No race
1945  France Sylvère Jezo Dilecta–Wolber
1946  Belgium Roger Lambrecht Stella–Hutchinson
1947  France Guy Butteux Mercier–Hutchinson
1948  France Amand Audaire Stella–Dunlop
1949  France Louison Bobet Stella–Dunlop
1950  France Pierre Molinéris Stella–Dunlop
1951  France Robert Desbats Mercier–Hutchinson
1952  Belgium Rik Van Steenbergen Mercier–Hutchinson
1953  France Louison Bobet Stella–Wolber–Dunlop
1954  France Fernand Picot Arrow
1955  France Jacques Dupont La Perle–Hutchinson
1956  France Valentin Huot Mercier–BP–Hutchinson
1957  France Amand Audaire Arrow–Hutchinson
1958  France Gérard Saint Saint-Raphaël–R. Geminiani–Dunlop
1959  France Jean Gainche Mercier–BP–Hutchinson
1960  France Jean Stablinski Helyett–Leroux–Fynsec–Hutchinson
1961  France Joseph Morvan Saint-Raphaël–R. Geminiani–Dunlop
1962  France Jacques Anquetil Saint-Raphaël–Helyett–Hutchinson
1963  Belgium Rik Van Looy G.B.C.–Libertas
1964  Belgium Rik Van Looy Solo–Superia
1965  France Guy Ignolin Ford France–Gitane
1966  Belgium Eddy Merckx Peugeot–BP–Michelin
1967  France Raymond Poulidor Mercier–BP–Hutchinson
1968  France Jacques Anquetil Bic
1969  Belgium Eddy Merckx Faema
1970  Belgium Walter Godefroot Salvarani
1971  Spain Luis Ocaña Bic
1972  France Cyrille Guimard Gan–Mercier–Hutchinson
1973  Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck Brooklyn
1974  Belgium Herman Van Springel MIC–Ludo–de Gribaldy
1975  Belgium Eddy Merckx Molteni–RYC
1976  Netherlands Joop Zoetemelk Gan–Mercier–Hutchinson
1977 No race due to being held as the Critérium des As
1978  France Bernard Hinault Renault–Gitane–Campagnolo
1979  France Bernard Hinault Renault–Gitane
1980  Belgium Daniel Willems IJsboerke–Warncke Eis
1981  France Bernard Hinault Renault–Elf–Gitane
1982  Italy Francesco Moser Famcucine–Campagnolo
1983  France Laurent Fignon Renault–Elf
1984  France Marc Madiot Renault–Elf
1985  France Bernard Hinault La Vie Claire
1986 No race due to being held as the French National Road Race Championships
1987  France Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Vétements Z–Peugeot
1988  France Franck Pineau RMO–Cycles Méral–Mavic
1989  France Charly Mottet RMO
1990  France Ronan Pensec Z–Tomasso
1991  France Jean-François Bernard Banesto
1992  Spain Miguel Induráin Banesto
1993  France Gérard Rué Banesto
1994  France Richard Virenque Festina–Lotus
1995  France Laurent Jalabert ONCE
1996  Spain Abraham Olano Mapei–GB
1997  France Laurent Jalabert ONCE
1998  Italy Marco Pantani Mercatone Uno–Bianchi
1999  France Claude Lamour Cofidis
2000  France Walter Bénéteau Bonjour
2001  France Patrice Halgand Jean Delatour
2002  France Christopher Jenner Crédit Agricole
2003  France Walter Bénéteau Brioches La Boulangère
2004  France Frédéric Finot R.A.G.T. Semences–MG Rover
2005 No race
2006  Belgium Johan Coenen
2007  France Romain Feillu Agritubel
2008  France Romain Feillu Agritubel
2009  France Maxime Bouet Agritubel
2010  France Jean-Luc Delpech Bretagne–Schuller
2011  Netherlands Martijn Keizer Vacansoleil–DCM
2012  France Sébastien Hinault Ag2r–La Mondiale
2013  France Mathieu Ladagnous FDJ
2014  France Alexis Gougeard Ag2r–La Mondiale
2015  Estonia Alo Jakin Auber 93
2016  France Samuel Dumoulin AG2R La Mondiale
2017  Norway Odd Christian Eiking FDJ
2018  France Kévin Le Cunff St. Michel–Auber93
2019  France Alexis Gougeard AG2R La Mondiale
2020 No race due to the COVID-19 pandemic in France
2021  Belgium Stan Dewulf AG2R Citroën Team
2022  Norway Idar Andersen Uno-X Pro Cycling Team

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