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Resultater Malaga Maraton 2023

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Livestream, startliste og resultater fra Malaga Maraton som arrangeres søndag 10. desember 2023.

Publisert 10. desember 2023 i Resultater

Malaga Maraton 2023


10. desember


Malaga – Spania

Start kl 08.30



Menn, topp 10

1. Charles Mneria (KEN) – 2:08:54 PB
2. Abdelilah El Maimouni (MAR) – 2:09:48
3. Musa Kipsoyan Mitei (KEN) – 2:11:31
4. Jonathan Akankwasa (KEN) – 2:12:34
5. Evans Kimtai Kiprono – 2:14:22
6. Ricardo Rosado Villaverde (ESP) – 2:14:23
7. Ulises Jhamer Martin Ambrocio – 2:18:35
8. Daniel Muindi Muteti – 2:18:47
9. Carl Avery – 2:21:39
10. Tom Martyn – 2:22:58

Kvinner, topp 5

1. Pamela Jepkosgei Rotich (KEN) – 2:33:52
2. Lilia Fisikovici (MDA) – 2:34:12
3. Hanna Lindholm (SWE) – 2:34:50
4. Vanessa Carvalho (POR) – 2:38:34
5. Beatrice Jepkemei Cheburet  – 2:42:47




Om løpet

The upcoming edition of the GENERALI MARATÓN MÁLAGA 2023 has a thrilling surprise in store for you. This year’s medal pays tribute to the iconic lamppost of Málaga, a symbol of light and guidance in the city.The medal is a reflection of your dedication and perseverance, a tangible memento of your bravery in conquering the 42.195 meters of the race. As you cross the finish line, you will hang a piece of Málaga in the form of this impressive medal around your neck.This unique piece celebrates the beauty of Málaga and the bond between the runners and the city that welcomes them. The lamppost, with its light that illuminates the streets, symbolizes the guiding force that led you to victory.Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this edition and take home this medal as a testament to your unwavering spirit and determination. Register now and get ready to cross the finish line at GENERALI MARATÓN MÁLAGA 2023!

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