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Resultater Veneto Classic 2023

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Startliste og resultater for Veneto Classic som arrangeres 15. oktober 2023.

Publisert 15. oktober 2023 i Resultater

Veneto Classic 2023

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15. oktober






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Om Veneto Classic

After the start from Mel (Belluno), from 2018 elected one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the race will follow the direction of Feltre, then along the right bank of the river Piave until Pederobba and make the final part of the route to Bassano del Grappa. The path will also cross the city of the Canova, Possagno, and Romano d’Ezzelino.

At this point, once in the city of “Alpini”, we will have just passed the first, totally flat, 80 km of the race. From there it begins to get more intense with the first circuit of La Rosina 12.6 km long that will be repeated 4 times, one more than in 2022.

The climb, already known because of the battles during Giro del Veneto and Giro d’Italia, is the center of the world for cycling amateurs in the area: in this Veneto Classic will be a beautifull scenario to open the hostilities. It’s 2.1 km long with an average gradient of 6.5%, and after repeating it 4 times, will miss only 60 km to finish.

After this sector, it will be the time of  “La Tisa circuit”, a short cobbles sector of 330 meters at 15.2%, who became famous thanks to Pozzato and his team during the Italian Championships in 2020. 12.4 km long, this circuit will be repeated 3 times in full, but the famous climb will be overcome once more.

However, Before the finish in Bassano del Grappa, there is one more stringency, the “wall of Diesel Farm”, the “tailoring of wine”: 1300 meters of gravel road at 10.9% of average climb, 10 km far from the finish. Lastly there is the short and cruel uphill ramp of Contrà Soarda, before follow Contrà San Giorgio and Viale Diaz.

100 meters after Crossing the bridge the Ponte Nuovo, sharp turn on the left in Via Porto di Brenta. From there last effort to climb into the square and reach the finish line in Piazza Libertà, where the successor of Samuel Battistella and Marc Hirschi will be awarded.

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