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Results Athens Marathon 2022

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Startlists, live stream and results from Athens Marathon The Authentic on November 13 2022.

Publisert 13. november 2022 i Resultater

Athens Marathon 2022

39th edition of the Athens Marathon The Authentic


November 13 2022


Athens – Greece



Marathon (live)

10 km

5 km


  1. Charalampos Pitsolis – 2:23:44
  2. Kon/Nos Gkelauzos – 2:24:45
  3. Konstantinos Stamoulis – 2:25:39
  4. Panagiotis Karaiskos – 2:26:28
  5. Panagiotis Bourikas – 2:27:00
  6. Kyriakos Beis – 2:27:33
  7. Micjail Parmaki – 2:27:47
  8. Georgios Minos – 2:30:40
  9. Michail Chatziionannou – 2:31:09
  10. Tim Tesselaar – 2:31:40


  1. Vasiliki Konstantinopoulou – 2:46:01
  2. Aikaterini Asimakopoulou – 2:50:25
  3. Ourania Rempouli – 2:50:42
  4. Laura Guzelk Blatnik – 2:50:49
  5. Foteini Dgkli-Pagkoto – 2:52:46
  6. Stamatia Noula – 2:54:36
  7. Maria Malai – 2:54;57

Live stream

The 2022 Athens marathon will be streamed live on ERT 1 channel. You need a Greek IP-adress to watch the race.

Course Athens Marathon

Finish area:

Detailed explanation:

Start Point: Marathon Start Venue in the town of Marathon.

The first 200m of the course are slopping, leading the runners away from the Start area.

The first 4 kilometers go downhill. The runners run along the Marathonos Avenue up to the 4thkm, where they turn left and enter the Marathonomachon Str., and area of the Marathon Tomb (War Memorial), which they follow for the next 2.2km. The course follows a rather circular route around the War Memorial.

The course becomes flat from the 6th to the 10thkm (Nea Makri). From the 11th to the 17thkm the course goes uphill at certain parts. Then, and up to Rafina Junction, the runners meet a steep descent.

Starting from the Rafina Junction, the course goes uphill again, while the most difficult part is found up to the 20thkm. As the runners pass along the district of Pikermi, they run through some of the, more or less, uphill parts of the course up to the 25thkm.

The passage through the city of Pallini (27km – 28km) is also uphill. The last and most difficult part of the course starts from Gerakas and goes up to Stavros Junction (30km – 31km).

This steep ascent is followed by a steep descent leading to the Agia Paraskevi Square. Then, the runners follow the Mesogeion Avenue, going through the districts of Chalandri and Cholargos, meeting flat and downhill parts of the course up to the finish.

The most characteristic downhill part is the one that starts form the Ministry of National Defense and finishes at the Katechaki Junction (37.5km), where the runners pass under the relevant bridge.

Right after the Erricos Dynnan Hospital, the runners continue left on Michalakopoulou Avenue until the traffic lights at Michalakopoulou and Pheidippidou crossroad.

They continue running on Pheidippidou Str., until the crossroad at Kiffisias & Alexandras Avenue. The latter crossroad highlights the 39thkm, while the runners continue left on Vas. Sofias Avenue. On Vas.

Sofias Avenue, the runners pass by the American Embassy, the Athens Music Hall and the Park of Liberty (40km), where the last feed zone is located. As they reach the Hilton Hotel, they slightly turn right heading towards the Syntagma Square, passing by the Evaggelismos Hospital and the War Museum.

At the last part of the Marathon Course and having turned on the Hrodou Attikou Street, the runners have eye contact with the Panathenaic Stadium, passing by the Presidential Residency and the National Gardens.

Only a few meters remain in order for the runners to enter the Stadium and run the last meters inside it, before reaching the finish line. The runners enter the Panathenaic Stadium from the left side, where the Finish Arch is found.

Other information regarding Athens Marathon 2022


The age limit to participate in the Marathon Race is 18+ years old (born at least in 2004).


Read the event’s Health Protocol in detail here. (UPDATED)


All runners are asked to collect their bib numbers and race kits from the Runners’ Center, which is hosted in the Faliro Indoor Hall & Exhibition Centre of Athens, at the Olympic Faliro Coastal Zone, from Wednesday 9 until Saturday 12 November.

Read more information here.


The Marathon Race starts at 9.00am and finishes at 17.30.


Along the route of the Marathon Race there are feed stations for runners. Bottled water is available to all participants in the Start, the Finish as well as at the intermediate feed stations along the route. Isotonic drinks are also available at the intermediate feed startions and at the Finish.


All runners participate in the event ON THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. The Organizing Committee bears no responsibility for any issue related to the participants’ health due to the lack of complete pre-race medical check.

It is recommended that all participants have recently gone through a full range medical exam before the event. Those that are already diagnosed with any kind of heart problems or have any indication of such, should take extra notice of this and pay extra attention before registering in the event.

It is recommended that all runners, regardless age, are gone through a detailed cardio check before participating in the event.The Organizing Committee will not request any written medical certification given that all runners participate in the event on exclusively their own responsibility.


After the completion of the race the Unofficial Results are available on our website. Runners have the oportunity to object their race results within five (5) business days. After that period any objections are recorded-investigated and resolved and the Official Results of the race are announced.

After the announcement of the Official Results any runners that is included in them can download for free their Cartificate of Participation through the website of the event’s official Photo Agency:

Previous winners Athens Marathon

Year Men’s winner Time
Women’s winner Time
2021  Konstantinos Gkelaouzos (GRE) 2:16:49  Gloria Privileggio (GRE) 2:41:30
2020 cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic[14]
2019  John Komen (KEN) 2:16:34  Eleftheria Petroulaki (GRE) 2:45:50
2018  Brimin Kipkorir (KEN) 2:10:56  Shelmith Nyawira (KEN) 2:36:46
2017  Samuel Kalalei (KEN) 2:12:17  Bedatu Hirpa (ETH) 2:34:18
2016  Luka Rotich (KEN) 2:12:49  Nancy Arusei (KEN) 2:38:13
2015  Christoforos Merousis (GRE) 2:21:22  Minori Hayakari (JPN) 2:52:06
2014  Felix Kandie (KEN) 2:10:37  Naomi Maiyo (KEN) 2:41:06
2013  Hillary Yego (KEN) 2:13:51  Nancy Rotich (KEN) 2:41:32
2012  Raymond Bett (KEN) 2:11:35  Consalater Yadaa (KEN) 2:40:00
2011  Abdelkrim Boubker (MAR) 2:11:40  Elfeneshe Melkamu (ETH) 2:35:25
2010  Raymond Bett (KEN) 2:12:40  Rasa Drazdauskaitė (LTU) 2:31:06
2009  Josephat Ngetich (KEN) 2:13:44  Akemi Ozaki (JPN) 2:39:56
2008  Paul Lekuraa (KEN) 2:12:42  Mai Tagami (JPN) 2:36:58
2007  Benjamin Korir (KEN) 2:14:40  Svetlana Ponomarenko (RUS) 2:33:19
2006  Henry Tarus (KEN) 2:17:46  Chikako Ogushi (JPN) 2:40:45
2005  James Saina (KEN) 2:16:15  Sisay Measo (ETH) 2:38:39
2004  Frederick Cherono (KEN) 2:15:28  Alemu Zinash (ETH) 2:41:11
2003  Zebedayo Bayo (TAN) 2:16:59  Nadezhda Wijenberg (NED) 2:43:18
2002  Mark Saina (KEN) 2:18:20  Sonja Oberem (GER) 2:37:29
2001  Noah Bor (KEN) 2:19:26  Sonja Oberem (GER) 2:36:15
2000  Nikólaos Poliás (GRE) 2:20:50  Yeoryía Abatzídou (GRE) 2:53:00
1999  Masato Yonehara (JPN) 2:18:35  Tamaki Okuno (JPN) 2:46:46
1998  Nikólaos Poliás (GRE) 2:18:38  Joy Smith (USA) 2:50:52
1997  Gerasimos Kokotos (GRE) 2:31:47  Melissa Hurta (USA) 2:54:43
1996  Nikitas Markakis (GRE) 2:33:15  Panagiota Petropoulou (GRE) 2:56:42
1995  Nikólaos Poliás (GRE) 2:27:27  Panagiota Nikolakopoulou (GRE) 2:59:45
1994  Christos Dumas (GRE) 2:27:27  Kleri Stavropoulou (GRE) 3:21:32
1993  Nikólaos Poliás (GRE) 2:28:12  Panagiota Petropoulou (GRE) 3:15:56
1992  Christos Dumas (GRE) 2:31:15  Reiko Hirosawa (JPN) 3:05:24
1991  Theodoros Fotopoulos (GRE) 2:28:18  Sofia Sotiriadou (GRE) 2:59:29
1990  Johan Engholm (SWE) 2:26:33  Prudence Taylor (NZL) 2:59:15
1989  Jan van Rijthoven (NED) 2:23:19  Leslie Lewis (USA) 2:37:42
1988  Fedor Ryzhov (URS) 2:17:33  Magdalini Poulimenou (GRE) 2:50:59
1987  Kevin Flanegan (RSA) 2:25:14  Irina Bogacheva (URS) 2:43:37
1986  Jos vander Water (BEL) 2:27:22  Signe Ward (NOR) 3:06:58
1985  Michael Hill (SWE) 2:26:20  Eryl Davies (GBR) 3:04:30
1984  Leon Swanepoel (RSA) 2:28:53  Barbara Balzer (USA) 2:58:30
1983  Martin J. McCarthy (GBR) 2:25:34  Hanne Jensen (DEN) 3:20:33
1982  Rick Callison (USA) 2:27:29  Ella Grimm (DEN) 3:07:41
1981  Yiannis Kouros (GRE) 2:32:50  Britta Sorensen (DEN) 3:16:00
1980  Jean-Paul Didim (FRA) 2:34:32  Arlene Volmer (USA) 3:17:07
1979  Richard Belk (GBR) 2:31:21  Gaby Birrer (SUI) 3:34:21
1978  Danny Flynn (AUS) 2:27:22  Alexandra Fili (GRE) 4:47:00
1977  Kebede Balcha (ETH) 2:14:40.8  Christina Johansson (SWE) 3:05:53
1976  Edgar Friedli (SUI) 2:33:50  Melissa Hendriksen (USA) 3:35:45
1975  Teofanis Tsimingatos (GRE) 2:35:39  Corrie Konings (NED) 3:16:13
1974  Ian Thompson (GBR) 2:13.50  Eva-Maria Westphal (FRG) 3:55:56
1973  Jouko Kuha (FIN) 2:32:26 No women’s race
1972  Yiannis Virvilis (GRE) 2:26:26 No women’s race

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