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Resultater Super League Triathlon Neom 2023

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Startlister og resultater fra Super League Triathlon Neom som arrangeres lørdag 20. oktober 2023.

Publisert 21. oktober 2023 i Resultater

Super League Triathlon Neom 2023


21. oktober


NEOM – Saudi Arabia


The Enduro is considered the most brutal format of all. Requiring endurance and tactics, the Enduro is a non-stop burst of nine back-to-back triathlon disciplines without any breaks. The easiest way to think about it is swim-bike-run repeated continuously three times in a row, or over three Stages.


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Norske deltakere: Kristian Blummenfelt


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Sammenlagt Super League

Kvinner, topp 10

Sammenlagt Super League

Om konkurransen

Super League Triathlon is returning to NEOM for what is sure to be a thrilling Grand Finale to the 2023 Championship Series. Taking the ‘Enduro’ format, the best triathletes in the business will battle it out across three gruelling stages of swim, bike and run in a truly spectacular setting.

Super League Triathlon is a league of nonstandard triathlon-based races held in the traditional off-season of the sport. Every race involves a swim, bike and run element but all contain additional rules in an aim to test athletic ability, increase viewer excitement and increase the popularity of triathlon more globally.



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