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Schedule and results USA Athletics Championships 2023

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Startlists, schedule and results for USA Athletics Championships which is held on July 6 - 9 2023.

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USA Athletics Championships 2023


July 6 – 9


Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon – USA

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Day 1 – Thursday, July 6th

Time (PT) Event Class Gender Round
11:25 100m Hurdles Senior Women Heptathlon
11:45 100m Senior Men Decathlon
12:40 High Jump Senior Women Heptathlon
12:40 Long Jump Senior Men Decathlon
1:50 Shot Put Senior Men Decathlon
2:40 Shot Put Senior Women Heptathlon
2:52 800m Senior Men 1st round
3:15 High Jump Senior Men Decathlon
3:18 800m Senior Women 1st round
3:30 Discus Throw Senior Men Final
3:48 200m Senior Women Heptathlon
4:04 100m Senior Women 1st round
4:30 100m Senior Men 1st round
4:56 400m Senior Women 1st round
5:23 400m Senior Men 1st round
5:48 400m Senior Men Decathlon
6:00 Triple Jump Senior Women Final
6:04 3000m Steeplechase Senior Women 1st round
6:30 Javelin Throw Senior Women Final
6:35 3000m Steeplechase Senior Men 1st round
7:05 1500m Senior Men 1st round
7:26 1500m Senior Women 1st round
7:45 10,000m Senior Women Final
8:30 10,000m Senior Men Final

Day 2 – Friday, July 7th

Time (PT) Event Class Gender Round
11:00 100m Hurdles U20 Women Heptathlon
11:45 110m Hurdles Senior Men Decathlon
12:00 High Jump U20 Women Heptathlon
12:30 Discus Throw Senior Men Decathlon
1:45 Long Jump Senior Women Heptathlon
1:46 800m U20 Men 1st round
2:00 Shot Put U20 Women Heptathlon
2:06 800m U20 Women 1st round
2:26 110m hurdles U20 Men 1st round
2:30 Pole Vault Senior Men Decathlon
2:46 100m hurdles U20 Women 1st round
3:00 Javelin Throw Senior Women Heptathlon
3:00 Triple Jump U20 Women Final
3:05 Triple Jump U20 Men Final
3:06 200m U20 Women Heptathlon
3:25 1500m U20 Women 1st round
3:45 1500m U20 Men 1st round
4:07 110m Hurdles U20 Men Final
4:15 100m Hurdles U20 Women Final
4:24 800m Senior Women Hepthathlon
4:39 5000m U20 Women Final
4:57 Javelin Throw Senior Men Decathlon
5:01 10,000m U20 Men Final
5:30 Hammer Throw U20 Men Final
5:42 100m Hurdles Senior Women 1st Round
6:09 400m Hurdles Senior Men 1st Round
6:35 400m Hurdles Senior Women 1st Round
6:40 High Jump Senior Women Final
6:45 Discus Throw U20 Women Final
7:00 Triple Jump Senior Men Final
7:03 1500m Senior Men Decathlon
7:14 100m Senior Women Semi-Final
7:29 100m Senior Men Semi-Final
7:44 800m Senior Men Semi-Final
7:59 800m Senior Women Semi-Final
8:14 400m Senior Men Semi-Final
8:29 400m Senior Women Semi-Final
8:45 100m Senior Women Final
8:54 100m Senior Men Final

Day 3 – Saturday, July 8th

Time (PT) Event Class Gender Round
6:30 20 km Race Walk Senior Women Final
6:31 20 km Race Walk Senior Men Final
8:45 10 km Race Walk U20 Women Final
8:46 10 km Race Walk U20 Men Final
10:00 Long Jump U20 Women Heptathlon
10:05 100m U20 Men Decathlon
11:00 High Jump U20 Men Final
11:00 Javelin Throw U20 Women Heptathlon
11:05 Long Jump U20 Men Decathlon
11:09 3000m Steeplechase U20 Women Final
11:27 3000m Steeplechase U20 Men Final
11:30 Hammer Throw U20 Women Final
12:05 Long Jump U20 Women Final
12:05 Shot Put U20 Men Decathlon
12:10 Long Jump U20 Men Final
12:30 Javelin Throw U20 Men Final
12:30 Pole Vault U20 Men Final
12:35 Pole Vault U20 Women Final
1:01 800m U20 Women Heptathlon
1:15 Shot Put U20 Men Final
1:44 100m U20 Women 1st round
1:45 High Jump U20 Men Decathlon
2:04 100m U20 Men 1st round
2:24 400m U20 Women 1st round
2:44 400m U20 Men 1st round
3:00 Discus Throw U20 Men Final
3:00 Shot Put U20 Women Final
3:04 400m hurdles U20 Women 1st round
3:24 400m hurdles U20 Men 1st round
3:44 400m U20 Men Decathlon
4:00 800m U20 Women Final
4:08 800m U20 Men Final
4:10 Hammer Throw Senior Men Final
4:16 100m U20 Women Final
4:24 100m U20 Men Final
4:43 200m Senior Men 1st round
5:00 Pole Vault Senior Men Final
5:09 200m Senior Women 1st round
5:37 110m Hurdles Senior Men 1st round
5:40 Long Jump Senior Men Final
5:45 Shot Put Senior Women Final
5:50 Javelin Throw Senior Men Final
6:02 100m Hurdles Senior Women Semi-Final
6:19 400m Senior Women Final
6:26 400m Senior Men Final
6:34 1500m Senior Women Final
6:45 1500m Senior Men Final
6:55 400m Hurdles Senior Women Semi-Final
7:10 400m Hurdles Senior Men Semi-Final
7:25 3000m Steeplechase Senior Women Final
7:40 3000m Steeplechase Senior Men Final
7:55 100m Hurdles Senior Women Final

Day 4 – Sunday, July 9th

Time (PT) Event Class Gender Round
11:00 110m Hurdles U20 Men Decathlon
11:55 Discus Throw U20 Men Decathlon
1:15 Javelin Throw U20 Women Final
1:25 Pole Vault U20 Men Decathlon
1:30 High Jump U20 Women Final
2:21 200m U20 Men 1st round
2:41 200m U20 Women 1st round
3:01 1500m U20 Women Final
3:12 1500m U20 Men Final
3:22 400m U20 Women Final
3:30 400m U20 Men Final
3:30 Javelin Throw U20 Men Decathlon
3:38 400m Hurdles U20 Women Final
3:46 400m Hurdles U20 Men Final
3:54 200m Masters Women Exhibition
4:00 Hammer Throw Senior Women Final
4:00 200m Masters Men Exhibition
4:08 3000m U20 Women Final
4:24 5000m U20 Men Final
4:46 200m U20 Women Final
4:54 200m U20 Men Final
5:00 Pole Vault Senior Women Final
5:05 High Jump Senior Men Final
5:00 Discus Throw Senior Women Final
5:15 1500m U20 Men Decathlon
5:30 200m Senior Men Semi Final
5:40 Long Jump Senior Women Final
5:45 200m Senior Women Semi Final
6:02 110m hurdles Senior Men Semi Final
6:15 Shot Put Senior Men Final
6:18 800m Senior Women Final
6:26 800m Senior Men Final
6:34 400m Hurdles Senior Women Final
6:42 400m Hurdles Senior Men Final
6:50 5000m Senior Men Final
7:10 200m Senior Women Final
7:20 200m Senior Men Final
7:29 5000m Senior Women Final
7:53 110m Hurdles Senior Men Final

About USA Athletics Championships

The 2023 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships are scheduled to be held in Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon from July 6–9, 2023. They will serve as USA Track & Field‘s (USATF) national championships in track and field for the United States.

The 2023 USATF Junior Championships are also scheduled to be held at Hayward Field in Eugene from July 7–9, 2023. The results of the event will determine qualification for the 2023 Pan American U20 Athletics Championships and 2023 NACAC U18 and U23 Championships in Athletics.

The results of the event will determine qualification for the 2023 World Athletics Championships, held in Budapest, and the 2023 Pan American Games, held in Santiago, Chile. Provided they have achieved the World standard or are in the World Athletics ranking quota, the top three athletes in each event will gain a place on the Team USA World team.

In the event that a leading athlete does not hold the standard, or an athlete withdraws, the next highest finishing athlete with the standard will be selected instead. USATF is expected to announce their World Championship roster based on these guidelines in July 2023.


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