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Resultater Champions Chess Tour – AI Cup 2023

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Resultater og annen informasjon fra AI Cup som er sjette turnering i Champions Chess Tour 2023

Publisert 29. september 2023 i Sjakk

Champions Chess Tour – AI Cup 2023

Femte av åtte turneringer i Champions Chess Tour 2023


25. – 29. september


Turneringen sendes på TV2 Sport 2 og TV2 Sumo fra kl 17.55 hver dag.

Sjakk på TV

Spillere 1. divisjon


Spillerne spiller fire partier med 15+3 sekunder, står det uavgjort avgjøres kampen med et armageddonparti.


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Turneringens hjemmeside

Sammenlagtstilling Champions Chess Tour før AI Cup

Champions Chess Tour 2023

The Champions Chess Tour 2023 (CCT) is a massive chess circuit combining the best features of previous Champions Chess Tour editions with the Global Championship. The tour comprises six events spanning the entire year and culminating in live in-person Finals.

With the very best players in the world and a $2,000,000 prize fund, the CCT is’s most important event to date. The tour starts on February 3 at 8 a.m. PT/17:00 CET with the 2023 Airthings Masters.


The Champions Chess Tour consists of six events, culminating in a Playoff and the Finals. The 2023 ChessKid Cup is the third event of the tour, and the winner of this event automatically qualifies for the Playoffs.

The event begins with a qualifying phase that is open to all non-grandmaster titled players. The successful qualifiers will then compete with grandmasters in the Play-in stage, with the top players moving on to a Knockout stage that has three divisions. Each division has its own prize fund, and players will also earn Tour Points based on their placement within each division. By the end of the tour’s sixth event, the players with the highest Tour Points will earn a spot in the CCT Playoff.




The Knockout stage includes 56 players competing across three different divisions determined by their Match Play results.

Each division offers prize money and Tour Points. More information is available in the Prizes section below.

The Knockout stage follows this format:

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