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Etappe 4 Giro d’Italia 2023 | Venosa – Lago Laceno

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Resultater, tidskjema og kart for etappe 4 Giro d'Italia fra Venosa til Lago Laceno tirsdag 9. mai 2023.

Publisert 9. mai 2023 i Sykkel

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Etappe 4 Giro d’Italia 2023


9. mai


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Om etappen

The route
A stage across the Apennines, taking in two long and manageable ascents up the mountains of Basilicata. At first, the route runs along a fast road, then it tackles two categorised climbs, twisting continuously both up- and downwards, with steady gradients around 5‑6%.
The last 15 km rise steeply all the way to the plateau, where the road levels out over the final 4 km.
Final kilometres
The Colle Molella climb (9.9 km at 6.0%) ends 3 km before the finish. Past Bagnoli Irpino, the route ascends in hairpins for 3 km, with gradients around 10% and peaking out at 12%. The last 3 km are flat or slope downward, taking a wide bend around Lago Laceno. The home straight (300 m) is on 7 m wide tarmac. Before reaching Bagnoli Irpino, the route passes over the tracks of two inactive level crossings, on a counter‑sloping stretch.

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